About Us

REACH is a sled dog rescue founded in November 2015 focusing mainly on Huskies and Malamutes. Its five founders are all experienced sled dog owners with prior experience in animal rescue, although they do have full-time jobs to juggle too
The rescue relies heavily on the dedication of its community members with help fostering unwanted dogs, assisting with events and fundraising, as well as spreading the word concerning these unique and often misunderstood breeds.
Where a sled dog needs rehoming, REACH again calls upon its ranks of dog-loving members to offer these animals a chance of a loving home, by fostering them, integrated into their existing packs and finding secure, loving and permanent homes for these gregarious animals. Help with socialising and training also plays a big part and that’s why a constant environment of inclusivity and awareness spreading to the wider dog-loving population is necessary. REACH achieves this by attending events and planned occasions where they promote awareness of the breed, as well as raise funds. Successfully rehomed dogs often attend these events to be cooed and fussed over. The sled dog is, after all, a strikingly handsome species, and these pack animals carry a strong urge to bond and integrate with other dogs and people. In return, they offer, as all dogs do, unconditional love and hours of companionship.